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Mountain Life Corporation (commonly known as The Mountain Life Companies™) is a diversified American multi-industry conglomerate created in 2015 as the parent company of several recently acquired companies, managing it's subsidiary businesses and brand interests in property development, real estate brokerage, online media, photography, publishing, fashion and business services - these are The Mountain Life Brands, which include Verdigris Group™, Mountain Life Real Estate™, Meta-Green™, Mountain Life Development Group™, InHouse Media™, Live8760™, Haven SmartHome™ and Fotohauz™ among other incredible brands currently in development.


The Mountain Life Companies' organizational and brand diversification strategy results in reduced investment risk and increased shareholder value, while common corporate governance and values ensure collaborative and shared innovation, increased brand awareness and greater market value.  


We accomplish our business goals while having a meaningful impact in the world by operating as a 'triple bottom-line' organization creating social, environmental and economic benefit both for the communities in which we're engaged as well as through diverse corporate undertakings such as operating only carbon-neutral businesses, purchasing 100% green power, actively volunteering our time and talents for charitable, educational, and other worthwhile activities and community-based to global philanthropy causes.

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